Side events

The 2022 NAWEA/WindTech Conference will be hosted at Clayton Hall, a state-of-the-art conference center with many meeting spaces and amenities. If you are interested in hosting a side event before, during, or after the Conference, please contact Rebecca Cox at
Graduate Student Symposium (Monday, Sept. 19 at 10AM, Auditorium 125)

The Graduate Student Symposium is sponsored by the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE). Thank you EAWE!

For questions about the Graduate Student Symposium, contact Michael Kuhn ( or Brooke Stanislawski (

Note: This is a draft schedule, subject to change.

10:00 AM – Welcome Coffee + Gallery Session “Colors of the wind: Gallery of wind energy progress”

– Students’ submissions of images and videos from their research will be on display as attendees arrive and meet one another.

10:45 AM – Invited Talk: “Tutorial on scientific dissemination”, speaker: Annabelle Lacey (Wiley), moderator: Todd Griffith (UTD, Wind Energy)

11:30 AM – Lunch and Networking

– Informal lunch where students are encouraged to network by mixing up tables 2-3 times during the meal.

1:00 PM – Plenary Talks: “Per aspera ad astra: Challenges and growth opportunities in academic research”

– Students discuss their work in a short talk format (5 minutes and 3 slides each).

3:30 PM – Coffee Break

4:00 PM – Invited Talks and Panel Discussion: “You get what you give: Collaborative experiences during Ph.D. and networking”

– Speakers from a variety of career paths share their experience and invite questions in a panel discussion format.

5:30 PM – Invited Talk: “Experience and tips for a successful career”, speaker: Dr. Carlos Simão Ferreira (TU Delft)

6:15 PM – Awards and Recognition

– Announcement of the winner of the Colors of the Wind gallery session;

– Closeout remarks and thanks.

6:30 PM – Dinner

– Social dinner to provide additional opportunities for creating meaningful connections with other graduate students.


Outreach Meeting: RAAW Project (Monday, Sept. 19 at 10:30AM-12:30PM, Room 119)

Through a collaborative field campaign, the Rotor Aerodynamics, Aeroelastics and Wake (RAAW) Experiment is designed to make detailed measurements of inflow, wind turbine response, and resulting wake. The collection of remote sensing and in situ measurements, which will gather observational data for RAAW, will result in advanced modeling capabilities for time-resolved simulations and will support technology innovation.

Speakers will appear as follows:

  1. Overview – 10 minutes, Jonathan Naughton (University of Wyoming)
  2. Instrumentation overview-15 minutes, Nicholas Hamilton (NREL)
  3. Modeling overview – 15 minutes, Tony Martínez (NREL)
  4. Spinner Lidar – 15 minutes, Chris Kelley, Daniel Houck (Sandia National Laboratories)
  5. Data Assimilation – 15 minutes, Alex Rybchuck (NREL)
  6. Nacelle Scanning Lidar – 15 minutes, Stefano Letizia (NREL)

This workshop is limited to the first 40 registrants. Register for the RAAW meeting.

Workshop: OpenFAST (Monday, Sept. 19 at 1PM-5PM, Pencader 115)

Speakers: Jason Jonkman (NREL), Emmanuel Branlard (NREL)

OpenFAST is an open-source, physics-based engineering software tool applicable to the coupled simulation of land-based, fixed-bottom, and floating offshore wind turbines. In this workshop, NREL researchers Jason Jonkman and Emmanuel Branlard will provide an overview of OpenFAST and related software. The workshop will also cover recent improvements/developments, demonstrations, Q&A, and information on how to get involved.

The workshop is open to anyone who registers for the NAWEA/WindTech 2022 Conference and will be located at the conference venue. This workshop is limited to the first 50 registrants. Register for the OpenFAST workshop.

Outreach Meeting: AWAKEN (Monday, Sept. 19 at 1:30PM-5PM, Room 119)

Hosts: Pat Moriarty (NREL) and Nicholas Hamilton (NREL)

The American WAKE experimeNt (AWAKEN) is a large-scale field campaign in northern Oklahoma focused on improving our understanding of wind farm atmosphere interactions. This meeting will include a status update of the AWAKEN project, a discussion of the involvement of different project partners, and an overview of international benchmarks to be created from the AWAKEN observations.

This workshop is limited to the first 40 registrants. Register for the AWAKEN meeting.

NAWEA Business Meeting (Friday, Sept. 23 at 9:00AM, Room 110)

Open discussion on the future of NAWEA

Tutorial: AMR-Wind (Friday, Sept. 23 at 9:30AM, Room 119)

Speakers: Georgios Deskos (NREL), Lawrence Cheung (Sandia), and Tony Martinez (NREL)

AMR-Wind is part of the ExaWind suite of open-source codes designed for multi-fidelity simulation of wind turbines and wind farms. AMR-Wind is a computational fluid dynamics code that is highly scalable on modern supercomputers, including those accelerated with graphical processing units, and is designed with sustainable software engineering methods. This tutorial will cover the basic numerics and capabilities of AMR-Wind as well as helpful tools for pre- and postprocessing the simulations. A Q&A session and open discussion will follow the presentations.

This workshop is limited to the first 40 registrants. Register for the AMR-Wind tutorial.

Tutorial: FLORIS (Friday, Sept. 23 at 11:30AM, Room 119)

Speaker: Christopher Bay (NREL)

The FLOw Redirection and Induction in Steady State (FLORIS) tool enables existing wind energy facilities to improve productivity and future projects to maximize profits by optimizing flow control strategies, like wake steering. This tutorial will introduce FLORIS, including background on the models, a brief presentation of previous results, and a hands-on demonstration.

This workshop is limited to the first 40 registrants. Register for the FLORIS tutorial.

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